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Intermediate/Advanced 2 Day Intensive Driving Course

How it works

The course can start on any day of your choice, however, you must remember your test day should be a weekday. Occasionally saturday and sunday tests are available. For best chances of a quick test we advise a weekday test. Many pupils like to come down to us on Saturday or Sunday and then take their driving test on Monday.

If you wanted to do this course in 2 days, it would mean staying over for just one night. We would then have to do 7-8 hours with you on your first day and then do 4-5 hours on the morning or your test. You would then have a break and take your test late in the afternoon. If you would prefer less pressure then we advise you do the course over 3 days. For example… arrive Monday morning and take your test Wednesday morning/afternoon.

Once you have paid the deposit, we will call you to book your lessons in and arrange for the test to be at the end of the course. This way there is no going home and coming back again like a lot of other driving schools.

We can arrange accommodation for you at an additional cost of £25 a night. If you are doing the course over 3 days, you will need 2 nights accommodation which will cost £50.

We must have 2 weeks notice from when you pay the deposit. If you would like to start sooner, then you should call us on 01908 604732 and we will do our very best to accommodate your circumstances.

Cost Breakdown for 12 hour course

Driving tuition 12 hours: £360
Driving test: £65
Total cost without 2 night accommodation: £425
Deposit required £100
Total cost with 2 night accommodation £475
Deposit required £100

2 Day Driving 12hrs: Deposit