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Intensive Driving Course Explained & Course Menu

How does it work?

At Johnson’s driving academy we try to accommodate everyones requirements. You may see some driving schools that specifically only offer one type of intensive driving course. Are they doing that because it suits them or suits you; the learner? We genuinely believe everyone has different requirements, so we cater for that.

Everyone has different experiences and abilities when it comes to driving. This is why we offer seven different types of intensive driving courses. We think there is one out of our seven intensive driving courses that will suit you.

You can choose from the following courses, click for more information on each course:

New starter 5 day intensive driving course
Beginner 4 day intensive driving course
Intermediate 3 day intensive driving course
Intermediate/Advanced 2 day intensive driving
Advanced 2 day intensive driving course
Re-test 1 day intensive course

In the event you don’t feel there is an intensive driving course that suits you, please let us know. You can tell us your requirements and we will tailor a course to suit your needs.

What happens on an intensive driving course?

We should have some background information from your booking that will give us a heads up of roughly what level you are driving at. The first 2 hours that we will be teaching you, we will also assess what you know and how quickly you pick new subjects up too. After the first 2 hours, your driving instructor will stop the lesson for around 5 -10 mins and explain what level you are at and what needs to be covered to help you pass your test first time. This often puts things into perspective for the pupil early on and often find that it motivates you.

It’s no good us telling you one day before your driving test you’re not ready and there is nothing you can do, which unfortunately happens with some intensive driving courses. To make things worse, we have even heard of these companies not allowing you to take your test as well. This means that they have drawn all of your lessons out of you and then told you to go home without even taking the driving test. All we will do is be honest at the beginning and then you and your Johnson’s Driving Academy instructor can put the effort in to be ready in time.

The rest of the course is dependent on what your instructor thinks is weak, he/she will prioritise the important areas first and then work down from there.

It makes sense to work on all of your serious faults first rather than your minor faults, as you are allowed 15 minor faults but ZERO serious faults.

In between your lessons you will be given revision aids for you next driving lesson and you will also be given access to our secret weapon centre – our online test route videos designed to help you pass faster. By watching our videos, you can learn the tricky areas in your mind so when you go over them in your lessons, the repetition time required will be less. This means we can thoroughly prepare you more on other areas of your driving. Our aim is to put you into this test with a 90% + chance of passing first time. That is why we have developed the secret weapon centre. If you pass first time with us, we hope you will recommend us and we will continue to do well as a business.