Reverse to the left

Reverse to the left

Reverse to the left

Out of all of the Maneouvers the reverse to the left is seen by many as the most tricky to master on the driving test.


On all Maneouvers including the reverse to the left there are two marking areas.

Control and observations.

You can only be marked once in each area. For example you could get a minor for control because you stalled but a serious for observations because you didn’t look over your left shoulder when reversing. Another example could be 2 minors. One for not doing an all round observation before moving backwards and another one for applying the brake whilst moving.


Here’s a few tips on the two markable areas for the reverse to the left Maneouvers

1. Control. It sounds simple but you shouldn’t be too far away from the kerb or too close. If you see your vehicle coming away from the kerb by more than a foot/drain width then that’s an indication you are too far away. The most obviously way of judging is if your vehicle goes onto the other side of the road then you have definitely failed your test. In the event your car gets closer than half a foot to the kerb then you are getting too close. A way of visualising this is think of a coke can between your back wheel and the kerb – anything closer start pulling the wheel to the right to come away from the kerb.

Reverse around a corner

2. Observations. The DSA examiner only knows what you are thinking by what you are doing. If your not looking in the right places at the right times, then the examiner can only mark you on what he/she sees. In your opinion you may be aware of where to look, but you need to show the examiner this 100% throughout the reverse around the corner Maneouver.

If a vehicle is coming towards you and you fail to stop for the approaching vehicle, how does the examiner know you have seen that vehicle? So play it safe and stop for anything coming towards you – if it’s driving away from you then obviously there is no need to stop when doing the reverse around the corner.


Where to look: As a general rule always look all around you before you start moving backwards and before you turn your steering wheel to the left. For every time you glance in your left door mirror make sure you are looking over your left shoulder afterwards. When going round the corner, make sure you look over you right shoulder at least twice – more if it’s busy. Don’t forget when you are on the straight part and reversing back 3 car lengths to finish the reverse to the left, make sure to keep looking all around.


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