Bay Park

Bay Park

Bay Parking Explained

On your driving test you will be asked to perform one of a possible 4 manoeuvres. This article should give you an insight, on what is expected  from yourself on the driving test when performing the Bay Park manoeuvre.

It sounds simple, but your examiner is only looking out for two things for the reverse bay park, these are two markable areas on his/her marking sheet.

1. Accuracy

2. Observation

You can only be marked down a maximum of two times for the manoeuvre.

Accuracy means controlling the car smoothly, so the car shouldn’t judder, stall or go over the white parking bay markings. You must reverse your vehicle within the white lines – not over. Reversing over the white lines could result in a serious fault on your driving test. In the event you see yourself going over the white lines, don’t carry on – take a shunt. A shunt is where you move forwards again to avoid hitting something or mis-positioning your vehicle. This is perfectly acceptable in the DSA driving examiner eyes. You don’t have to ask the examiner to take a shunt, just do it.


Observation is all about being aware of pedestrians and road users that may be coming in your direction. If either is approaching, you must stop and acknowledge their presence, once they go past you, you can carry on. In the event a pedestrian or car waits for you, look all around and make sure they are actually waiting for you, then proceed with caution. Throughout the manoeuvre make sure your head is predominately  looking over your left shoulder and be sure to glance over your right shoulder at least a few times – more if necessary. The word scanning is probably a good way to describe how your head should be moving, make sure you don’t keep your eyes looking in one direction too long – otherwise you could miss something.

Other driving manoeuvre tips:

– It’s a good idea to lower your window slightly when manoeuvring, sometimes you can hear something coming towards you, like a motorbike before you actually see it. If this happens, stop and find out where that noise is coming from.

– You can glance in your door mirrors as you get closer to the Bay to judge if you are within the white lines. Be careful you don’t stare though – as you might miss something coming towards you.

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