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Driving Instructor Franchise

Johnson’s Driving Academy offer 3 different types of franchise agreement. All Franchises have a minimum notice period for leaving of 1 week. The idea behind this is if we don’t supply you with the pupils, then we expect that you would want to leave. However, in the event you continuously lose pupils then it’s not in our interests to have you as part of Johnson’s Driving Academy as we are proud of our reputation.

We offer the following:

Full time agreement: £70 a week if you supply your own vehicle. We can supply a new dual controlled vehicle which would normally take the weekly franchise including car and repairs/maintenance to £140 a week. There is no minimum hours you are required to work. We have instructors who like to work 50 hours and we are happy to accommodate those requirements.

Part Time agreement: £50 a week if you supply you own vehicle. If you would like us to supply the vehicle then your franchise including your vehicle hire would be £120 a week including repairs and maintenance. A Typical part timer shouldn’t exceed more than 30 hours a week.

Pay As You Go: This is occasionally available depending on the area. A fee is usually charged depending on the type of booking. For more information call us on 01908 604732.