Driving In The Fog

Driving In The Fog

Driving In The Fog

Driving in reduced visibility conditions is always a struggle. Window wipers help with the rain and the snow, but they do not give you much help with fog. Fog can be one of the scariest conditions to drive in because you have a false sense of your surroundings. A few things can be done to drive safely in foggy conditions. The first is by slowing down and allowing more distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. This will give you more time to slow down if there is an accident ahead or they need to slow down for any reason.

driving in the fog

You should leave a good five-second interval between you and the car in front. Never drive with your high beams to attempt to “see” through the fog. It is ideal to use fog lights or driving lights if your vehicle has them. These lights are low and they will shine under the cloud layer, providing you with vision of the road. There is also less chance of the light reflecting off the cloud, which will further prevent your ability to see.

If you are not comfortable with the road conditions, do not be afraid to park your car. If you are on the carriageways, then you might want to consider coming off as the risks of driving at high speeds may be higher than your safety driving in bad foggy conditions. If you can, get completely off the road and find a nearby parking lot or street to stop on. Fog can sometimes hang around for a long time so this may not be a good option to take. However, if it is almost morning, the fog is usually dissipated by the sun’s rays.

It is important not to rush yourself in conditions that you are not familiar with. Fog can be extremely dangerous, especially with animals that have a false sense of security and run out onto the road. If you have seen warnings for fog the night before a long journey for example, then it’s wise to leave earlier in the event you get to an area on your route where the fog has developed and makes it’s unsafe for you to travel at the national speed limits.

Lastly, if the fog levels are severe on the day of your driving test then it’s not uncommon for your test to be cancelled. The driving examiners have to consider the safety aspect of driving in the fog for yourself, themselves and other road users. Everyone is more vulnerable whilst driving in the fog and if an accident happens on test, then the question may come up “should the examiner allowed the test to go ahead ?” If you are doing an intensive driving course with ‘Johnson’s Driving Academy’ and your test is cancelled then we will do our very upmost to get you a late cancellation using our driving test cancellation technology.

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