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Course options

Pass your driving test in 5 days or under with Johnson’s Driving Academy.

Obviously we specialise in pupils passing first time. One massive advantage you will have learning with us is learning in a small town rather than a big city. You can read other driving schools saying thats not the case, but look where they are based – probably in a City. So we can assure you that you will save £££’s in the long run with our driving courses.

We have various driving courses available depending on your driving ability. Click on the course that best describes your circumstances.

At Johnsons Driving Academy our aim is to be as honest and as straight as possible. By clicking on one of the intensive driving courses below, that best describes your requirements we can give you an accurate quotation on the amount of driving lessons you will require.

What we don’t want to do is sign you up to more lessons than you require for an driving course. As you can see, we don’t have a on driving course must suit all policy like a lot of competitors selling intensive driving courses online.

Please choose from the following courses listed below:

Course 1: New Starter 5 day crash driving and theory course

The following courses are for those that have passed the theory test:

Course 2: New starter 5 day crash driving course

Course 3: Beginner 4 day crash driving course. Driven with friends/family/instructor 5-10 hours.

Course 4: Intermediate 3 day crash driving course. Previous driving experience of more than 10 hours.

Course 5: Intermediate/Advanced 2 day crash driving. Your able to judge traffic at junctions and give way to vehicles where necessary the majority of the time. You have covered all the manouvers but not to test standard.

Course 6: Advanced 2 day crash driving course. You can drive unaided and you are almost test ready on all of your manouvers. You just want to take your test in a small town, with easier routes to keep the cost of passing first time down.

Course 7: Re-test 1 day intensive course.