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Bay Parking

Bay park

Welcome to our top test tips on the Reverse Bay park maneuver. Learning how to do reverse bay park can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any guidelines or prior knowledge on how to do the maneuver. So here’s what happens and what you need to do:

The examiner will say the following:

” I would like you to drive out to the left or the right and stop with your wheels straight, then reverse back into any one of the bays with due regard and safety for anyone around you.”

The scenario:

You will be asked to do the bay park maneuver at either the beginning or at the end of your test, but not during the middle. So don’t worry, it won’t be in a busy shopping centre car park. Usually, the examiner will only choose to do the bay park maneuver if the car park is reasonably quite and there are plenty of spaces available. Your examiner will not ask you to do the maneuver between two cars either and he won’t ask you to reverse into a particular bay.

Hereʼs a step-by-step guide on how to do the Bay Park maneuver

1. Start with the POM routine. (preparation- 1st gear and biting point, Observations- 360 degree all round look, maneuver)

2. Assuming that it’s clear to move out, drive forwards and then turn the wheel left once so that you are out of the bay.

3. Straighten your wheels once you have come out and then stop.

4. Put the gear lever into reverse and then start the POM routine again.

5. First, make sure that nobody is near your vehicle or the bay that you want to reverse into Bay Park into. Assuming that the area is clear, release your handbrake and reverse back in a straight line for a short distance.

6. Looking across you and towards the bays, stop once your door handle is in line with one of the white lines. This is your point of turn. By turning at this point, you will end up in the 3rd bay along.

7. Prepare the car to move backwards using the reverse gear and complete a 360 observation (all round check). If it’s clear, then release the handbrake and turn the steering wheel full lock to the left whilst the car is moving. Keep the vehicle speed to less than 1mph whilst you are steering and avoid turning the steering wheel when the car is not moving.

8. Once your steering wheel is fully locked, make sure you keep looking all around you during the bay park maneuver; especially over the left and right shoulders.

9. As your vehicle comes back, you should glance in both your door mirrors (looking out for the white lines to be parallel with the car on both sides). When you see this in both of the mirrors, stop for a second. This is when you should straighten up your wheels.

10. If your steering is on full lock, then to straighten the wheel on most cars it’s one and a half turns to the right. Avoid dry steering as you can be marked down for this on the Bay Park maneuver. It can also wear the tread down on your tyres faster.

11. Once you have straightened up, keep reversing back into the bay again, not forgetting to keep looking over your left shoulder.

12. Once you think you are in the bay, stop and look across the bays. Are you as far back as the vehicles next to you on your right or left across the car park?

13. Once your happy with your position of the vehicle, secure the car by pulling up the handbrake and then select the neutral gear.