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Driving In The Fog

Driving In The Fog Driving in reduced visibility conditions is always a struggle. Window wipers help with the rain and the snow, but they do not give you much help with fog. Fog can be one of the scariest conditions to drive in because you have a false sense of your surroundings. A few things can be done to drive safely in foggy conditions. The first is by slowing down and allowing more distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. This will give you more time to slow down if there is an accident ahead or they need ...

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Bay Park

Bay Parking Explained On your driving test you will be asked to perform one of a possible 4 manoeuvres. This article should give you an insight, on what is expected  from yourself on the driving test when performing the Bay Park manoeuvre. It sounds simple, but your examiner is only looking out for two things for the reverse bay park, these are two markable areas on his/her marking sheet. 1. Accuracy 2. Observation You can only be marked down a maximum of two times for the manoeuvre. Accuracy means controlling the car smoothly, so the car shouldn't judder, stall or go over the white parking bay markings. ...

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Extended Driving Tests

Extended Driving Tests If you have lost your driving licence due to excessive speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs or any other driving offences, you may have to sit an extended driving test to regain your licence. You are making the right decision to legally earn your driving licence again, now do it the fast way and choose an intensive driving course. An intensive driving course can have you back on the road in no time as we select a course that is suitable for you, fitting your driving lessons into one week. As a banned driver, your status may now ...

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