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Advanced 2 Day Intensive Driving Course

How it works

This is a two day intensive driving course. You could start the course on a Sunday and take the test on Monday or do the two day course during the week. For example, you would arrive Sunday morning, completing 5-6 hours on the Sunday and then 2-3 hours on the Monday and then take your driving test. You are welcome to do all of your hours in one day and then the test in the morning. We will always do our upmost to accommodate your requirements.

We can begin to plan your lessons and arrange for the test to be at the end of the course as soon as we have received the deposit for your intensive driving course. This is so you don’t have to make extra trips going home and coming back again like a lot of other driving schools ask you to.

If you don’t want the hassle of searching for hotels, we can arrange accommodation for you at an additional cost of £25 a night. For the best chance of passing first time we recommend you do the course over 2 days. If you don’t want to commute you will need to budget for a one night stay at our guest house or of course you can choose your own accommodation.

You can begin your intensive course 2 weeks after your deposit is made. If you would like to begin before this, please call 01908 604732 and we will do our upmost to accommodate your preferences.

Breakdown of costs:

8 hour Driving Tuition course: £240
Driving test: £65
Accommdation: £25 optional
Total cost  £305
Deposit required £100
Total cost with accommodation £330
Deposit required £100

2 Day Driving 8hrs: Deposit