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5 Day driving course including theory test

5 Day driving course including theory test

How it works

The course starts every Monday 9am and finishes Friday 4pm.

Monday – Thursday: You will spend 9am to 2:30pm driving with one of our fully qualified driving instructors with a 30 minute break in between. From 3pm – 4:30pm you will practice the theory test where you will  be in a class. There will be a teacher on standby to help you with the theory and hazard perception part of the test.

Friday: You will take your theory test. If you pass your theory test, we will then immediately arrange a practical driving test for you the following week. You will need to come back the following week for your driving test. We will ensure you have at least 1 hour before your driving test, more if your instructor thinks it is necessary.

Minimum amount of driving hours: 30 hours
Minimum amount of theory training: 8 hours, unlimited re-tests included if you don’t pass on the first attempt.

We can arrange accommodation for you at an additional cost of £25 a night. As you are doing the course over 5 days, you will require a 4 night stay at our guest house. You are welcome to book your own accommodation. However, the course start and finish times should be agreed first with us.

Cost Breakdown for 40 hour course (30 hours driving, 10 hours theory) : £880
Theory test fee: £35 unlimited attempts
Driving test fee: Payable once you have passed theory £65
Total cost without accommodation: £915
Deposit required: £150
Total cost with 4 nights accommodation: £1015
Deposit required: £150

5 Day Driving & Theory 40hrs: Deposit