• Pass 1st Time - We Pay For 2nd Test
  • 92% Pass Rate in 2012
  • Pass Fast With our Test Route Videos
  • We Only Use Qualified Instructors
  • Short Notice Tests Available

If your looking for the following services then you've landed on the right website:

Intensive Driving Courses

We won't sell you more hours than you need. We can tailor your intensive driving course to suit your current driving level. Try our assessment driving lesson. This is a great way of working out how many hours you actually need for an intensive driving course, so your not over paying and having more lessons than you actually need.

Intensive Driving Lessons

If your having lessons on a weekly basis and you just want to get the job done quickly then you consider having intensive driving lessons. We have instructors all across the country that can come to you and get you passed in weeks rather than months or some old schools may take years - Not with Johnson's Driving Academy!!

Crash Driving Courses

If you haven't got the time for an assessment driving lesson and you have passed the theory test and you need to pass fast for whatever reason - work - pregnancy - time restrictions then we offer crash driving courses. We like a challenge, if your in a pickle, we will do our upmost to help you and get you through with a crash driving course.

Welcome to Johnson's Driving Academy - The Pass Masters - For Intensive Driving Courses. We have pupils passing in as little as 2-3 days from scratch doing intensive driving lessons with us. Here are a few ingredients to our recipe for success:
1. All of instructors are Fully Qualified. Intensive driving companies saying they use DSA approved instructors doesn't mean they are fully qualified. Look for Fully qualified if you want to get your monies worth
2. Our 1st time pass rate is 92%
3. If you don't pass first time us - we will give you a re-test absolutely free
4. If you come to our training centre we can offer you test route videos - which is an absolute must if you want to save time and money doing a crash driving course. No other company offers this.
5. Receive a free driving manual worth £19.99 and your instructor will write notes in each subject specific to you weakness's so you can revise between each lesson.

When you start your crash driving course with us you will receive a driving manual that basically tells you how to drive. It's a step by step guide on every subject from moving off and stopping to top test driving tips. This is useful when you are doing an intensive driving course as there is a lot of information to absorb in a short period of time. So on your breaks between the lessons you can refer to the manual and memorise routines like MSPSL. After all, if you can't remember it when your stationary, what hope do you have when you are in the car? We also supply videos to back up each subject so when you have finished for the day, you can refer to the relevant videos to recap and even get a heads up on what you are doing before your next lesson. All of our videos are password protected - as this is one of our key selling points that other driving courses can't come close to us on. Watch the video below to see why you should trust Johnson's Driving Academy with your intensive driving course requirements: